10/22-10/28 WEEKLY UPDATE

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Please read and respond (if applicable) to the below updates. The season is right around the corner and need all memberships/gear orders ASAP.

1. We will practice Monday/Wednesday/Thursday this week from 6pm-730pm

2. Let us know if you are wrestling at pre season nationals (youth, MS, or HS) Coach Schultz will be down there Friday-Sunday

3. Memberships- memberships sign ups/fees are due no later than November 12th if you want the free singlet/shirt. Any memberships turned in after November 12 will likely not receive the singlet. Please fill out the registration form that was emailed out and either bring it to practice, email it back to us, or mail it back to Coach Schultz (address below) BEFORE November 12th.

4. Gear orders. the form was emailed out this morning, please fill it out and send it back to us ASAP! If you are signing up for a folkstyle/full time membership, put your wrestlers singlet/t shirt size on the form,but do not add any cost for it (we will be purchasing these for every folk/full time member). Please add in any extra gear you may want for you wrestler, friends, family, etc. These orders are going in on November 15th so orders/$$ are due by then. You can bring orders to practice, email them to us, or mail them to coach schultz (address in email)

5. Caseys fundraising cards. If you want Casey’s fundrasing cards please let me know ASAP. You will get $5 off your membership for every card sold IE if you sell 30 cards, you get $150 off of your membership fees for the year. Cards/$$ are due back in November 12th with the remaining balance of your club fees. The caseys cards are good at any Casey’s in the country, not just locally if you have family around the state who may like one.

6. Sponsors- We will be accepting and sponsors you find until November 12th as well. Any sponsors that come in after November 12 are still welcomed, but won’t make it on the t shirt.

As always please feel free to call/email any time with questions

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