11/26-12/1 WEEKLY UPDATE

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Please email us back the answers to the below questions as soon as possible! Practice this week is back to normal Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday


  1. Gear orders are in! Team shirts and any extra gear you may have ordered will be available for pick up at practice on Wednesday, please try to make sure and be there to pick it up so we can get it all done in 1 night. We will also be taking a team picture with all the kids in their new t shirts. If you have already got your gear, please wear the new team shirt to practice this Wednesday. We are still waiting on singlets but will have those available at all practices as soon as they are in.


2.. We need ticket count for the Iowa/Iowa State dual by Monday’s Practice! If you would like to go with the group please let us know how many tickets you need ASAP! We are paying for all full time members tickets, additional tickets for siblings/parents/etc are $10 a piece.


  1. Christmas break Chicago trip.  We need to block rooms for the Chicago trip ASAP! We will leave for the hotel around 1pm on Saturday December 22nd, then we will workout at my high school Saturday evening around 4/5pm, followed by pizza at the hotel.  We will then wrestle at my high schools youth tournament on Sunday and head home. Please let us know ASAP if you want to attend this tournament. We need at least 10 wrestlers signed up by the end of this week or we may have to cancel the trip this year.


  1. DWC Burger night has been tentatively scheduled for Friday January 18th at the Eagles Club. This is always a great time to get everyone together for some good food and wrestling talk! Please feel free to invite and famiy/friends/neighbors ETC. The more the merrier. We will have a silent auction with some great items for wrestling and also some stuff for non wrestlers as well.


  1. Dual tournament January 12th. Please let us know ASAP if you want to participate in the dual tournament on January 12th. Weights are posted on the Facebook group page. We can take 5 extra wrestlers besides those weights. If there are multiple kids who want to go the same weight, we might need to have wrestle offs to determine who goes at those weights, it’s the only fair way to decide who gets to wrestle.


  1. Tournament results. Coach Schultz tries to post pictures/results each weekend which can be very difficult as we may have kids wrestling at 4-5 different tournaments throughout the weekend. Please text/email/FB message coach Schultz and pictures/results you can to include in the updates/end of the year banquet slideshow!

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