11/5-11/11 WEEKLY UPDATE


Practice this week: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday @6pm

Parent meeting/registration: Next Monday @ 6pm (during practice). Coach O will be running practice while Coach Schultz takes care of the meeting. Please plan on attending even if your wrestler is unable to attend

Casey’s fundraising cards: $ and unsold cards are due back at the parent meeting. I still have about 100 cards if anyone wants any to sell. Each card you sell = $5 off your folkstyle/full time membership.

Registration/Gear orders: Registration fees/ gear orders are due no later than November 12th. We will only be doing 1 order, please get it to practice this week or bring it to the meeting, if you need to mail it to us, let us know and we can send you an address.

Weekend recap: We had a great weekend at Rumble on the river. We had about 15 wrestlers compete and finished with 3 champions, 3 runner ups, and 5 other place winners. We are very proud of the way the kids wrestled this weekend, and more importantly the way they carried themselves on and off the mat!

With that said, we saw several parents at this tournament & pre season nationals (none of them were from our club) acting in a completely unacceptable manner. While none of these parents were DWC parents, we are lucky to have a great group of kids AND parents to work with, we still feel it was a good idea to send out a friendly reminder that these are KIDS wrestling. We know how difficult it can be at times to show stay calm when kids are wrestling (especially your own). Please continue to be supportive of your wrestlers in a positive way. As difficult as it can be, please try to refrain from coaching them in the practice room when they are wrestling live. We WANT them to make mistakes at practice, so we can continue to correct them, sometimes when kids are being coached during live wrestling they will shut down because they are afraid to make mistakes. Let them make mistakes. Youth wrestling is nothing more than practice for the next level. Practice is where we want mistakes to happen, so we can continue to see what needs to be worked on. If anyone wants to help during technique we are ok with that, as long as it is in a positive manner and you try to help other wrestlers as well.

Again, we have not had an issue with our group, but thought this was something to bring up with the season starting up. Thank you for being a great group and for all of your support!!

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