Practice this week Monday/Wednesday 615pm-745pm.


Golf outing sign up. Please use the link below to sign up for golf or just dinner. We encourage you to invite any friends/family/co workers to golf with us, or just come for dinner if you do not wish to golf.  Every NON DWC member you get to golf with you, we will give you an extra raffle ticket. Prizes this year= 60″ TV, foursome of golf, $200 cash, and more!




Sponsors: If you are trying to get sponsors to help off set your club fees, getting them before the golfing is a great idea. Companies love being able to get their logo out at these events. We need the company to be signed up to sponsor by September 22nd in order to get a sign made for the outing. 50% of any sponsor you find goes directly to your club fees.


Raffle tickets. I have the raffle tickets in as well. Same deal as the sponsors. You get 50% of any money made from raffle tickets towards your club fees. IE If you sell $300 worth of raffle tickets, we subtract $150 from your club fees. Let me know how many you’d like.

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