Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Practice this week will be our normal schedule Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 615pm-745pm
This Sunday we are getting a private tour of the Dan Gable Musuem in Waterloo Iowa. We need to be there by 530pm. Please let us know if you are attending so I can give them an idea of numbers. DWC is covering the cost so it is FREE for everyone! The tour will be led by 10x NCAA champion coach Jim Miller (TJ Millers dad). We will also get an hour workout in.
Hempstead tournament is Sunday also, it is generally done by 2pm, so if you want to do both- you should be able to. Link to tournament flyer: https://www.thepredicament.com/wp-content/uploads/Dubuquehempstead2019.pdf
DWC Boutique night: December 12th. Classy and Chic Boutique is donating 10% of all their sales on December 12 to DWC. From 4pm-8pm they will have wine and sales available for all DWC moms/friends/relatives- drop your kids off and grab a glass of wine! (flyer emailed)
DWC Duals: If you want to wrestle on our dual team on January 5th (K-6th grade only for the dual team) please let us know what weight ASAP. 7th and 8th graders are invited to attend for exhibition matches as well. The cost is FREE for our full time club members.
Burger night: January 17th (flyer emailed). If you know of any company or person willing to donate a silent auction item please let us know ASAP. The coaches are going around to businesses in the area, but having a connection tends to go a long way!
USA state: We have a block of rooms booked at the Comfort Inn & Suites (710 America Drive SE CEdar Rapids IA 52404) Tell them you are with DWC. We will be renting out the banquet room to hang out and eat on Saturday night. The phone number there is 319-632-2000


It looks like we had about 40 kids compete this weekend between Bellevue and Anamosa! We also had a few kids attend a camp/college duals! It is awesome seeing kids get some quality mat time!

This week we will practice Monday (615-745pm) and our hard wrestling will be Tuesday (6pm-715pm). We will NOT have practice on Wednesday or Thursday this week due to Thanksgiving.

This Saturday we will be going to Union HS in Laporte City Iowa. Flyer is https://www.thepredicament.com/wp-content/uploads/LaPorteCity2019.pdf

Silent Auction: We are looking for baskets for our silent auction at our burger night- if you are able to get something, please let one of the coaches know. Tentative plan for the Burger night is Friday January 17th. As soon as it is 100% confirmed we will let everyone know

December 8th – Dan Gable Musuem tour. DWC is invited to the Gable HOF museum for a private tour and workout. We will meet at the facility at 530pm on Sunday December 8. DWC is covering the costs for all wrestlers who attend, I believe you will have time to go to a tournament before if you choose. This will be a really cool opportunity for our kids, please let us know if you plan on joining.

December 12th: My mother in law is hosting a DWC moms night at her boutique in dubuque (flyer emailed). There will be wine, and 10% of any sales from the day will be donated to DWC. Please feel free to share with any friends, family, neighbors, etc

January 5th duals: There is a sign up sheet for weight classes in the wrestling room (it was also emailed). If you want a spot on the dual team email or text us or sign up at practice by December 3rd.  If there are multiple wrestlers at a weight, we will have wrestle offs to determine the spot, as it is the only fair way to pick who is on the team. We will have reserves and an open mat for exhibitions all day as well.


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Below is the schedule for this week, and some updates as well! Feel free to reach out any time with questions.
Monday: Technique/live 6:15pm-745pm
Wednesday: Hard drilling/live 6:15pm-745pm
Thursday: Technique review/live 6:15pm-745pm
Saturday: Bellevue wrestling tournament, Bellevue HS, Iowa (flyer: https://www.thepredicament.com/wp-content/uploads/Bellevue2019.pdf)
Sunday: UNI wrestling clinic/cancer fundraiser/dual (flyer attached/emailed)
Registration: I am ordering the full time members t shirt and shorts on Wednesday, if you have not sent in your order/registration/sizes I will not be able to get it on the order. I will order a few extra sets, but might not hit the right sizes. (registration form/waiver emailed)
Sunday, December 8th: We will potentially be taking a trip to the Dan Gable Hall of Fame museum in Waterloo, Iowa. Coach Millers dad, Jim Miller (10x NCAA championship coach) would be giving us a tour of the museum and we would be able to get a team workout on their wrestling mats that are inside. I am finalizing this with him right now and will post more info shortly
DWC DUALS. January 5th we will be hosting an 8 team dual team tournament. I emailed a flyer with the weight ins and criteria. In the next week or two I will be posting a sign up sheet in the wrestling room. EVERYONE is welcome to sign up for a weight class if they’d like. Full time members will have first choice over drop ins for roster spots. If there are multiple wrestlers at a certain weight, we will hold wrestle offs for the spot, as it is the only fair way to determine who gets it.
Our blue chip wrestling store closed last night. Orders should be here by mid december. If you missed out and want to get anything, Coach Boffeli from Wahlert is our new Iowa rep at X-Grain Sportswear and he set up a store for parents https://stores.inksoft.com/WS28143 is the link. This store does not have any youth sizing available. X-Grain is where myself, jon o, and a few other wrestlers work, it is owned by former Loras wrestler- Pat Einersen.


Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Wanted to let everyone know we are still planning on having our open house/registration night tonight. Please feel free to invite anyone you’d like to join us for practice tonight for free (they will need a parent to sign a waiver to participate). Please have the registration/waiver form filled out, and your membership fees.
During practice/open house I will be holding registration/sign ups in the classroom right by the wrestling room.
DWC gear orders: Our online store will be closing this Sunday at midnight. We have added some infant/toddler options for the little ones. We will NOT be extending this deadline, or re opening it, so if you want any DWC gear for the season go to https://team-store-2019.itemorder.com/sale ASAP and get your orders placed. All gear should be delivered to you by the 2nd week of December.
This Sunday I will be at Pleasant Valley High School for their tournament (flyer emailed).
Practice schedule this week will be as follows.
Monday: 6pm-8pm Open house/registration
Wednesday: 615pm-745pm: hard drilling/live wrestling
Thursday: 6:15pm-745pm: technique and live


  1. I have attached calendars for the coming months, If you want to stay more updated, I suggest joining our google calendar which is updated any time we have a change/add/removal of any events in our schedule.  I have a list of tournaments we will be attending in the calendars, and we are still looking for some other ones as well. The google calendar also has a link to the tournament flyers and how to register. (link to google calendar https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=ZHdjd3Jlc3RsZUBnbWFpbC5jb20 )


  1. If you have not sent us your updated/current USA card # yet, you will not be allowed to practice. We have to have a waiver, and current USA wrestling card for everyone participating in DWC practices.


3.. If you want any DWC gear, the online store will close on November 17th, we will NOT be reopening this store. https://team-store-2019.itemorder.com/


4.. Monday November 11, all registration forms, membership fees, and sponsorship money is due. We will be holding registrations during the open house/free clinic. The clinic will run from 6pm-8pm, please invite anyone who may be interested in joining DWC, all they need is a signed waiver to participate.


  1. Burger night: We would appreciate if each family tried to get 1 basket/item for our silent auction, please let us know if you are willing to help out.


  1. Great job to our wrestlers @ Rumble By the River this weekend!

Champ: Mac Heysinger
‪Champ: Bella Miller
‪3rd place: Abe Heysinger
‪4th place: Kellen Mckenna
‪5th place: Carson Basset
‪5th place: Elijah Hyet
‪5th place: Zach Roeder
‪6th place: Preston Hunter
6th place: Ashton Udelhoven

Also competed: Matt Hill, Elijah Hyet, Gable Brooks, Grayson Adams,


Any questions, please contact us and let us know any time.




1. Great job to our 4 youth wrestlers who competed at pre season nationals this weekend! Abe Heysinger took 2nd place, Shane Rochon took 3rd place, Bella Miller took 8th place, and Elijah Hyet went 2-2. Pretty impressive for our first competition of the year.
2. Our online store with bluechip is open until 11/17. We will not be doing a 2nd store, so if you’d like to order anything, do so before the deadline. We will be getting all the full time members a pair of shorts and a t shirt, so do not buy those for them https://team-store-2019.itemorder.com/
3. Please let us know as soon as possible if you plan on attending Rumble on The River this weekend.
4. Open house/Registration night November 11. Please invite all local teammates or baseball/football/soccer teammates to come check out DWC on Monday november 11th. They just need a parent to sign a waiver for the 1 night.
5. Registration/membership fees and full time members t shirt/short size are due at registration night on November 11th. If we do not have the forms/payment in, we will not be able to order your wrestlers shirt.
6. Raffle tickets, if you want raffle tickets to sell to help off set your club fees, we have them at every practice. Raffle ticket money and sponsorship money are due by November 11th at registration night.
7. Practice schedule. We are practicing Monday/Wednesday/Thursday. We do not recommend beginners/younger wrestlers coming on Wednesday nights. Wednesday nights we will only be drill hard, and wrestling a lot of live. Monday/Thursday will be our more technique based nights.
8. Burger night. Our burger night will be Friday January 17th. If you could get 1 basket or item for the silent auction, it would be greatly appreciated
9. Dual tournament. I am looking into hosting a dual tournament at Loras on Sunday January 5th. More info to follow.


Practice this week is Monday/Wednesday/Thursday.  Let us know if you are going to be wrestling at pre season nationals. Coach Kaisand will be there on Sunday, and Coach Schultz will be there Friday-Sunday

Registration/open house will be on November 11th during practice. Please bring your waiver/registration forms/membership fees to practice. I will be in the classroom doing registration while the other coaches run the open house.

Please invite your local club teammates to join us for the open house, they will need a parent to fill out the attached waiver form. All wrestling, football, baseball, etc teammates are invited!

You must have a current USA card to practice (NOT NEEDED FOR OPEN HOUSE)

Raffle tickets- If you want raffle tickets to help off set your club fees, they are available at every practice.

Online store. Below is a link to our online store, it will close at midnight on November 17th. We have several women, youth, and mens items available. Orders will ship directly to you.



Hey all:
Thank you to everyone who attended the parent meetings last week! A review of what was discussed was sent via email if you could not make it.  If you were unable to attend please make sure to read through the notes to see some changes that will be taking place this year
Please bring your registration form (sent via email) and membership fees in by November 11th. I need the exact form filled out and the waiver is on the back. We will also need your updated USA card # before you are able to participate at practice. There is a spot on the registration form for t shirt and shorts size that we will be getting for all of the kids.
If parents, family, friends, wrestlers want any extra gear- the below link will be open until midnight on November 17th.  Orders will ship to your house about 3 weeks after the store closes. There are a bunch of men’s, women’s, and youth options available this year!
If you have any questions on anything please feel free to reach out any time.


Hey all:
I hope you had a great weekend! Thank you to everyone who made it out to our golf outing/BBQ dinner! We had about 39 golfers and luckily the rain held off for us! Special thanks to MOSKI BBQ for a great meal and ROEDER OUTDOOR POWER for the riding lawn mower hole in one challenge!
If you have not signed up for a date for one of our upcoming parent meetings yet, please fill out the link ASAP. We need at least 1 parent to attend 1 of the 2 meetings.
Starting this week we will begin practicing on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday @ 615pm, these practices are open to all youth, middle school, and high school wrestlers. You must have a current USA card and signed parent waiver to participate.
Our open house is going to be on Monday November 11th during practice, and we will have our registration/sign ups that night a week (more information will be given at the parent meetings.
Pre season nationals hotel: you have to get your room by tomorrow in order to get the discounted rate: (block is under DWC/Mark Schultz)
Quality Inn & Suites
Iowa USA state hotel: you have to get your room by December 25 in order to get the discounted rate: (block is under DWC/Mark Schultz)
Comfort Inn & Suites


We will have practice this week on Monday/Wednesday at 615pm. Beginning next week we will start practicing on Monday/Wednesday/Thursdays at 615pm to get ready for pre season nationals.
If you have not signed up for 1 of the 2 upcoming parent meetings please do so with the link below ASAP.
If you need a hotel room for Pre Season Nationals in Des Moines please call (515) 967-4886 and reserve your room. The block ends on October 1st. It is the Quality Inn by Jethros/Adventureland.
DWC Open house will be Monday, November 11th. Please invite all local club teammates, football, baseball, soccer teammates ETC. We will also host our registration/sign up during the open house.