DWC Update – April 24, 2017

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Our website is almost complete! The guy making it asked to put a testimonial page on there, so if you have anything you’d like to send over to possibly be used as a testimonial on the site, please email or message me ASAP.
  2. Practice this week is on as scheduled, Monday/Wednesday/Thursday at 615pm
  3. May 21 clinic early registration ends may 5th, if you want to attend please let me know ASAP so I can get you on the list (make checks to Dubuque wrestling club)
  4. Iron Sharpens Iron camp- please send me the attached form completed ASAP if you want the $25 discount for the iron sharpens iron camp as well! (make checks to mark schultz for this one, they asked me to collect money and write them 1 check)


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