Sorry for the 2nd email/message this week, we are really trying to limit these to once a week.
1. There is no practice tonight. We will practice tomorrow at 6pm, and we will be attending Rumble on the River this Sunday.
2. Casey’s cards: We still have about 140 Casey’s cards left if anyone wants to grab a stack to sell, every card you sell= $5 off your folkstyle or full time membership. $$ and unsold cards need to be brought back by November 12th.
3. REGISTRATION: Monday November 12th- we will be holding registration in the classroom next to the wrestling room from 530pm until 730pm. All registrations, gear orders, singlet sizes, casey’s cards, fees need to be turned in by November 12th!
a. Please make sure at least 1 parent is at registration even if your wrestler cannot attend practice that night, unless you have already turned everything in.
b. Registration, membership options, waiver, and gear order forms were all sent out via email (If you did not get them let us know ASAP). You can bring these on November 12th filled out with the payment. Or you can mail them to Coach Schultz (message us for address if needed)
4. Gear order- All folkstyle/full time members get a free singlet/t shirt- please make sure to put their sizes in the form, just don’t include the cost of those in your total price if you are ordering additional gear for family/friends/etc.
a. If you need to get sized for a singlet, sizes to try on are available at every practice and will be available at registration. If we do not have your registration/gear order by November 12th, we will not be able to get you a singlet.
5. Punch Cards: If you are doing the drop in/punch card membership this year. Please bring $100 to the first practice you attend, and one of the coaches will give you a punch card. Each card has 10 punches, and we will mark 1 of the spots off each time you attend. These cards will not expire. Please keep them in your wrestlers bag so they have it each time they come.
Feel free to email any time with questions! We are excited for another great season!

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