Hope everyone had a great weekend! Below is the schedule for this week, and some updates as well! Feel free to reach out any time with questions.
Monday: Technique/live 6:15pm-745pm
Wednesday: Hard drilling/live 6:15pm-745pm
Thursday: Technique review/live 6:15pm-745pm
Saturday: Bellevue wrestling tournament, Bellevue HS, Iowa (flyer: https://www.thepredicament.com/wp-content/uploads/Bellevue2019.pdf)
Sunday: UNI wrestling clinic/cancer fundraiser/dual (flyer attached/emailed)
Registration: I am ordering the full time members t shirt and shorts on Wednesday, if you have not sent in your order/registration/sizes I will not be able to get it on the order. I will order a few extra sets, but might not hit the right sizes. (registration form/waiver emailed)
Sunday, December 8th: We will potentially be taking a trip to the Dan Gable Hall of Fame museum in Waterloo, Iowa. Coach Millers dad, Jim Miller (10x NCAA championship coach) would be giving us a tour of the museum and we would be able to get a team workout on their wrestling mats that are inside. I am finalizing this with him right now and will post more info shortly
DWC DUALS. January 5th we will be hosting an 8 team dual team tournament. I emailed a flyer with the weight ins and criteria. In the next week or two I will be posting a sign up sheet in the wrestling room. EVERYONE is welcome to sign up for a weight class if they’d like. Full time members will have first choice over drop ins for roster spots. If there are multiple wrestlers at a certain weight, we will hold wrestle offs for the spot, as it is the only fair way to determine who gets it.
Our blue chip wrestling store closed last night. Orders should be here by mid december. If you missed out and want to get anything, Coach Boffeli from Wahlert is our new Iowa rep at X-Grain Sportswear and he set up a store for parents https://stores.inksoft.com/WS28143 is the link. This store does not have any youth sizing available. X-Grain is where myself, jon o, and a few other wrestlers work, it is owned by former Loras wrestler- Pat Einersen.

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