1. I have attached calendars for the coming months, If you want to stay more updated, I suggest joining our google calendar which is updated any time we have a change/add/removal of any events in our schedule.  I have a list of tournaments we will be attending in the calendars, and we are still looking for some other ones as well. The google calendar also has a link to the tournament flyers and how to register. (link to google calendar https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=ZHdjd3Jlc3RsZUBnbWFpbC5jb20 )


  1. If you have not sent us your updated/current USA card # yet, you will not be allowed to practice. We have to have a waiver, and current USA wrestling card for everyone participating in DWC practices.


3.. If you want any DWC gear, the online store will close on November 17th, we will NOT be reopening this store. https://team-store-2019.itemorder.com/


4.. Monday November 11, all registration forms, membership fees, and sponsorship money is due. We will be holding registrations during the open house/free clinic. The clinic will run from 6pm-8pm, please invite anyone who may be interested in joining DWC, all they need is a signed waiver to participate.


  1. Burger night: We would appreciate if each family tried to get 1 basket/item for our silent auction, please let us know if you are willing to help out.


  1. Great job to our wrestlers @ Rumble By the River this weekend!

Champ: Mac Heysinger
‪Champ: Bella Miller
‪3rd place: Abe Heysinger
‪4th place: Kellen Mckenna
‪5th place: Carson Basset
‪5th place: Elijah Hyet
‪5th place: Zach Roeder
‪6th place: Preston Hunter
6th place: Ashton Udelhoven

Also competed: Matt Hill, Elijah Hyet, Gable Brooks, Grayson Adams,


Any questions, please contact us and let us know any time.



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