“Dubuque Wrestling Club has been a great experience for the Manternach family. Our boys have had the opportunity to wrestle in a couple of other clubs over the years and DWC has provided us what we have been looking for in Club Team. DWC provides and great atmosphere for wrestlers at all levels, whether you are looking for some great competition or you are just starting out in the sport. There are great partners at all levels and sizes and it is always easy to find a partner for what you are looking for. As for us as a family, this has been a great experience from the moment we walked in the door. DWC has a great group of parents and kids that have welcomed our boys and us to the DWC family. The motto here is “Stronger Together” as kids from clubs all over eastern IA, WI and IL come together to help each other improve and it is working for all of them!” Donnie and Kay Manternach , Cascade, IA

“Dubuque wrestling club has been a great experience for our family, We have four sons and our oldest two have been members for the last three years. Mark and Darrin have done a great job of developing our kids in the sport of wrestling, Covering the basic fundamentals of the sport. My sons enjoy Mark and Darrin and like being coached by them. What is most important to us is that our boys are at different skill levels and they are all excepted for who they are, with that being said I know that we are at the right club. The boys have also learned discipline, fitness, how do you deal with losses and wins on and off the mat. With the help from Darrin and Mark are boys have enjoyed success on the mat by getting some wins, placing at state, state championships and all American status and most of all carrying them selves with confidence & dignity!”
Sincerely, Hiram and Kelly Heysinger

“When our son Caleb, came to us and said he wanted to wrestle, we asked around with a few people we knew in the Dubuque area wrestling community where we should take him to get him started. Everyone we spoke to recommended DWC. Shortly after getting in touch with Mark, we took Caleb to his first practice. He immediately loved it! Mark and Darrin are terrific with the kids and do a great job of balancing a fun but competitive room. They regularly bring in guest clinicians to keep the practices fresh. The more experienced wrestling families are also very welcoming and helpful. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to join DWC! ” –  Michael and Ashley Lightfoot

“My 8 year-old twins’ first introduction to wrestling was a clinic held by Dubuque Wrestling Club.  Mark and the other coaches were so good with the kids I signed Hayden and Declan up as full members immediately.  After two full years of wrestling with DWC I couldn’t be happier with what they’re learning and the progress they’ve made.  Mark’s practices provide the perfect balance between hard work, conditioning, and technique.  The DWC coaches connect with each member personally and always strive to connect the dots between effort and results.”  – Jeremy Harper

“We have been a part of a couple different clubs since Gable started wrestling 6 years ago. By far DWC has felt the most like family, on and off the mat.   Coach Schultz has always been encouraging and the first to point out the good before the bad after a match. Due to Gables size, other sports have begun to pass him by, so he has made wrestling his identity this last year. He’s learned to set goals and face the reality of not meeting them sometimes. Beyond the wins and losses, the medals and trophies, DWC, Coach Schultz and the sport itself are building character in my son I’m not sure I could do on my own” – Mike Brooks

“We joined Dubuque Wrestling Club 2 years ago with our 2 sons, Dylan and Briggs.  We enjoy it as it allows are sons new practice partners from other areas and also allows us still time to belong to our local club by offering the drop in fee.  Mark Schultz does a fabulous job with kids of all skill levels and truly enjoys teaching the sport of wrestling.  By being part of Dubuque Wrestling Club it can help take your child to the next level of wrestling.”  The Weigel Family

“Our son has been wrestling for five years. This is our sons third season wrestling for the Dubuque wrestling club.  He was ready to quit wrestling and give up until we came to DWC and he started wrestling with the club.  DWC’s approach is very different from other clubs. He runs a very intense and fast paced practice but without the screaming in your face making kids cry and intimidation  that you so often see with youth wrestling now days.  The progress that I see with our son and many of the other kids that he has been wrestling with for years is second to none.  We went from fighting with him to go to practice, to now he wrestles year round for DWC.  We are more than greatful to Mark, Darrin and the DWC.  The future is looking bright!” – Jon and Heidi Hutchcroft

“After a couple of years wrestling at the local HS club, we decided to give Dubuque Wrestling Club a chance.  Mitchell went from being a competitive wrestler to a state qualifier in 2 seasons.  I give much of that credit to the Dubuque Wrestling Club and their coaches, we only wish we had joined a year or two earlier” John Murphy